Armchair Crown



The solid armchair’s frame is made of 304L stainless steel and replicates the wing curve and some details of the Phoenix Super Сonstellation GT aircraft’s concept. Thanks to this, the armchair is noticeable for its recognizable “flying” profile and looks subtle from any angle of view. Wherever you see it, you will not confuse it with something else.

The craftsmen team spends up to 70 working hours for creation and refinement of one such frame. Filing and polishing of the entire construction are carried out solely by hand and can take up to 40 hours of working time.


The genuine full-grain calf leather produced at a family manufacture in Tuscany (Italy) is water-resistant and durable enough for intensive daily use. Selected leather sheets for every element of the armchair – from cushions to holding straps – are cut out by our craftsmen by hand.

Bespoke service is available for this object. It allows custom creation of practically unlimited quantity of 60 colors’ and shades’ combinations.


We have developed a unique system of cushion fixation to the armchair’s framework by means of “variable geometry” straps.

Each strap has a rigorously calculated length and consists of several genuine leather layers of different densities. This kind of construction prevents the stretching of the straps and at the same time is a spectacular external “skeleton”, giving the armchair such an unusual and recognizable style.

The fixation system’s hardware features the special fastening rings and studs.


The fastening rings which have contours of the Phoenix Super Сonstellation GT concept’s wings are made by our jewelers from high-strength 316L steel. The inner and outside surfaces with rivets imitate the metal covering of the aircraft.

It takes up to 50 hours of net working time to create a set of rings for one armchair. Filing, polishing and finishing treatment of the ring are carried out solely by hand. 16 fastening rings are used in CROWN armchair.


The studs and their support stems are crafted by our jewelers from the same high-strength 316L steel and duplicate the form of Phoenix Superconstellation GT aircraft’s engine nose dome at a scale of 1:280.

There are 8 hemispheres engraved on the stud’s surface which correspond with the arrangement of attaching screws of the real airplane model.

It takes up to 4 hours of working time to create such stud. 37 studs like this are used in CROWN armchair.

Anatomy and physiology

In the late 1940s, the Swedish hygienist with the imposing surname – Akerblom – after studying different seating furniture came to the conclusion that in most cases the upper back is supported by the back of a chair (armchair), while the loin is tensed.

Sitting on the “wrong” seat, a person is constantly sliding off it, toughening his/her back and leg muscles, which leads to tiredness and contributes to the development of a number of diseases.

As a result, he determined the formula of the line of the back of a chair and its lower part best fitted to human anatomical and physiological characteristics, regardless of age and stature.
CROWN armchair is developed with due regard to Akerblom line, allowing a sitting posture to maintain the natural S-shaped curve of the spine. This not only provides comfort but also minimizes the load on the muscles and bones.

Armchair Crown

$12800 / Marigold italian calf leather & Stainless Steel

A subtle armchair with a recognizable “flying” profile featuring full-grain calf leather upholstery, beech and coconut bark cushion filling. The armchair consists of a welded structure made from polished stainless steel, 316L stainless steel jewelry hardware, and a strap system of cushion fixation. Quantity of details: 445. Memory effect cushion filling.

  • Quantity of details: 445
  • Upholstery material: genuine full-grain calf leather
  • Cushion filling: beech, coconut bark, memory effect filling
  • Armchair frame: 304L stainless steel
  • Hardware: 316L jewelry steel
  • 98,5 x 76 x 90 cm

Materials & Findings:

  • Marigold italian calf leather
  • Armchair
    Stainless Steel
Delivery: Waiting time 25-30 days